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Philip Dinn (CA)

Peg Bearskin

Peg Bearskin

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Peg's big, ugly, and hairy, yes, but she's also smart enough and brave enough to outsmart a witch, help a king, and find husbands for her two beautiful sisters and for herself. This brilliant re-take on a classic folktale from Placentia Bay, Newfoundland will have readers of all ages cheering for Peg. And falling for her too!

The story is now available in this bright and beautiful new edition. Maintaining Dinn and Jones's original adapted text, with all of its playful wit and delightful musicality, this new book features all new illustrations by Louisiana-based Denise Gallagher. Their fun, folksy flavor breathes new life into the story, and reminds us that Peg is a heroine for all places and all times.

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Running the Goat


Musician, actor, storyteller, and writer, Philip Dinn (1949-2013) was a founding member of Figgy Duff, Newfoundland's acclaimed folk rock band, and of Sheila's Brush Theatre Troupe. He appeared in many television shows and feature-length films, and in numerous plays, among them Jack-Five-Oh and Jack Meets the Cat. For several years, he divided his time between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, where he continued his work with traditional Newfoundland stories. He was one of the co-adapters of Peg Bearskin.

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