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Dave Paddon (CA)

Half The Lies You Tell Are Not True (ebook)

Half The Lies You Tell Are Not True (ebook)

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Long Book Description: The world of Dave Paddon’s recitations is quirky, riotously funny, and utterly unique; a place of tall tales and plain foolishness, where fog is so thick you can use it for cannonballs, and a polar bear hijacks a bingo tournament.  Berry pickers turn combatants and the result is a bay full of jam; a local handyman turns doctor and uses the spare parts in his shed to patch up his neighbours. 


Half the Lies You Tell Are Not True brings together thirteen recitations long loved by Paddon’s many local fans.  Great for older kids and grown-ups alike, this is a wonderful cross-over book. Paddon has been called Newfoundland and Labrador’s Robert Service, and for good reason. His recitations are non-stop fun, fully engaging the verve and tang of the province’s rich language. (The book has a glossary at the back for those from up-along.) These were written to be recited, and readers will surely find themselves reading aloud to family and friends. 


Duncan Major’s illustrations capture the energy and wit of the recitations. While this is Major’s first trade publication, he and Paddon have collaborated on several letterpress chapbooks featuring Paddon’s recitations and Major’s artwork; they are a perfect pairing.

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Dave Paddon was born and raised in Northwest River, Labrador. He is a crowd favourite at storytelling and ballad-singing events in St. John’s, and has performed at festivals and concerts across the island and on the mainland. Dave has written numerous recitations; five of them – The Card GameBerriesThe 12Not a Word of a Lie, and The Christmas Turr – have been published by the Goat as letterpress-printed chapbooks.

Ralph, Flying Hound, his first book for children, was published in October 2016.

A collection of thirteen of his recitations, Half the Lies You Tell Are Not True was published in the spring of 2018.

A former commercial pilot, Dave divides his time between St. John’s and English Harbour.

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