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Sheree Fitch (CA)

Polly MacCauley's Finest Divinest Wooliest Gift of All (ebook)

Polly MacCauley's Finest Divinest Wooliest Gift of All (ebook)

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From one of Canada's most loved and lauded children's writers comes a new tale about the joy of making things, the strength of community, and the warm reach of generosity. This beautifully illustrated storybook blends poetry and prose, infused with Fitch's trademark wit and playfulness, to tell the story of Polly MacCauley, an elderly woman who’s abit of a mystery in her community of River John and who spends her time making wondrous things with wool. When Star, a very special lamb, is born on a nearby farm, Polly knows that with Star's wool she can make her 'finest, divinest, woolliest gift of all'. But the greedy Count and Countess of far-off Woolland have learned about the lamb's arrival, too, and are determined to add her to their flock.

Will the good folk of River John join together to see that Star gets to her rightful home? Will Polly be able to finish her masterpiece? Darka Erdelji's gorgeous illustrations have just the right amount of whimsy, perfectly capturing the spirit of Fitch's touching yarn.

Divided into nine short sections, this is a grand book to share aloud, or read alone. It will appeal to children of all ages. And to knitters, weavers, spinners and the warm-hearted everywhere.  

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An award-winning poet, storyteller, and literacy activist, Sheree Fitch has published more than 25 books over the past 30 years. Best known for her picture books and children’s poetry, Sheree also writes for teens and adults. She has travelled the world sharing her stories and her infectious enthusiasm for words and the joy to had in playing with them. Sheree lives with her husband, Gilles, in River John, Nova Scotia, on a hobby farm, where they run a seasonal book store, Mabel Murple’s Book Shoppe and Dreamery, named in honour of one of Sheree’s best-loved characters. Polly MacCauley's Finest, Divinest, Woolliest Gift of All, illustrated by Darka Erdelji, was published in June 2017.

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