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Sara Jewell (CA)

I Built a Cabin

I Built a Cabin

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Eager for some peace and quiet, the main character of this tale in verse moves to the woods and builds a little cabin getaway. She’s found the perfect retreat—or so she thinks until she meets her neighbours: an array of loud and lively creatures who crunch and crack and hoot their way into her life. Young listeners will delight in the animals’ playful antics and learn a bit about life in the wild.

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Sara Jewell is a freelance writer, substitute teacher, licensed lay worship leader, and the author of two collections of essays for adults. A former city girl, she lives on seventy-two acres along the River Philip in northern Nova Scotia with her husband, her mother, several pets, and a flock of chickens. The birds and critters in this book often show up when she walks through the field and woods behind her house.

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