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Dan Rubin (CA)

Sun, Seed & Soil: Tips and techniques for a northern garden

Sun, Seed & Soil: Tips and techniques for a northern garden

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Moving to Newfoundland from the Gulf Islands of British Columbia was a shock for long-time gardener Dan Rubin. Accustomed to warm, calm, and relatively predictable weather, Rubin faced long winters, strong winds, and constant salt spray at his new property perched on the edge of the north Atlantic.

Twenty years later, Rubin’s productive and lush seaside garden is filled with a range of crops, from tomatoes, squash, and greens to plums, artichokes, and even peaches.

Sun, Seed and Soil is a collection of practical tips and techniques for gardening in northern, colder climates, based on Rubin’s personal experiences and discoveries. This book offers valuable advice for Canadian gardeners—particularly in Atlantic Canada—as well as those in the northern United States, or anyone facing similar challenging growing conditions.

Sun, Seed and Soil provides insight into:

  • Choosing the right seeds to plant and build rich, organic soil
  • Protecting plants from wind and cold to extend the growing season by months
  • Using sustainable, regenerative approaches and avoid the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers
  • Growing common garden food plants, herbs, flowers, fruit trees and bushes

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Dan Rubin is a gardener, educator, and garden designer who leads local initiatives on food production, food distribution, and food security. He is author of four books and has written for Rural Delivery magazine and Gardens Canada. Dan leads workshops on extending seasons and produced videos on seed starting and seed saving.

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