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Kate Story (CA)

Urchin (audiobook narrated by Kate Story)

Urchin (audiobook narrated by Kate Story)

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They say Dor’s family is cursed. The house her great-great grandfather built on the Southside of St. John’s has never been at peace; the old people think it lies on a fairy path. Ever since electricity came to the island, things have gotten worse, and experiments in the brand-new technology of radio put her family in real peril.

In December 1901, Marconi arrives in Newfoundland with a secret mission: to receive the first wireless trans-Atlantic radio signal. Disguised as a boy, Dor joins his team. Then The Little Strangers kidnap her mother. Must Dor sabotage Marconi's experiments to save her?

This audiobook was narrated by Kate Story and produced by Chris Brookes, of Battery Radio, with support from Rebecca Nolan.

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Kate Story is a genderqueer writer and theatre artist who was born and raised in St. John’s, NL. Uncanny occurrences were not unheard-of growing up in the house on the Southside Road built by Kate’s great-great grandfather. Having fled to the mainland at sixteen, Kate keeps coming home to see family, do the occasional performance work, and get the occasional fit of the shudders. Kate lives in Peterborough/Nogojiwanong, Ontario, where the shudders are fuel for the writing and performance work.

Kate's previous novels include Blasted, Wrecked Upon This Shore, This Insubstantial Pageant, and the YA fantasy duology Antilia. Her collection of short fiction Ferry Back the Gifts was released in 2023. Urchin was a finalist for the 2022 Governor General's Award for Young People's Literature.

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