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Hannah Jenkins

birds come back in the spring, the

birds come back in the spring, the

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“Hannah writes poetry that you’ll want to quote and read aloud to the people you love.” - Michelle Porter, author of Approaching Fire

Forming a narrative of one woman’s journey to adulthood from the ages of six to twenty-one, the poetry of Hannah Jenkins is an uncompromising look into the grace, torment, and beauty of all things feminine. The goal of the book is to neither demonize nor glorify any one age of its storyteller but instead to retroactively insert kindness into the unrest of ageing and say to the ever-growing, ever-healing child in all of us:
I hear you.

One night, my ancestors tuck me into bed
leave a kiss-shaped burn mark,
tell me what I owe my daughters.

One day, they say, she will come to you
to know her worth
and you tell her she is resilient.

Tell her she is smart
and brave
and steadfast
and there is a fire in her belly.

Tell her she is just like her mother.


"There’s an almost visceral pain that can often be felt throughout; we see it in the words she uses - the cutting, slicing, and ragged edges - but more importantly, we feel it as well." - David James Lynch, author of
All Things Broken

"A remarkable first collection. Read it out loud to your daughters. And then your sons." - Carolyn R Parsons, author of
The Forbidden Dreams of Betsy Elliott

"I have long loved poetry. My favourite creators being Bacon, Frost, Poe, Dickenson, Yeats and Keats and of course, the Bard himself. Today I add Hannah Jenkins to that list." - Teresita E Dziadura, author of
Corporate Invasion

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