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Agnes Walsh

In the Old Country of My Heart (audiobook)

In the Old Country of My Heart (audiobook)

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Poems written and read by Agnes Walsh with music by George Morgan and unaccompanied ballads sung by Simone Savard-Walsh.

In the Old Country of My Heart  was originally published in book form by Killick Press, an imprint of Creative Publishers, in 1996. Since then Agnes Walsh and her poems have developed a keen following. In this recording poems are interspersed with two unaccompanied ballads sung by Simone Savard-Walsh and the pump organ music of George Morgan.

Walsh is an example of that rare thing, a poet who not only writes well but also reads their work beautifully. She works from St. John's and Patricks Cove in Newfoundland. In addition to writing poetry Walsh writes plays. She founded the Tramore Theatre Troupe of Cuslett on the Cape Shore of Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula.

Published by Rattling Books. Listening time: 58 minutes

Physical: CD

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